KFC SoundBite Chart

A new, fully integrated and digitally driven music chart. Anyone can upload their track. Anyone can listen. No gatekeepers or record labels, just South Africans pushing talented artists up the chart by listening and sharing the music they love.
Role: Creative Director, Strategist, Designer & Creative Technologist

KFC Suppertime Stories

Mealtimes are often disrupted by technology, so we found a way to use technology to bring families together. We took our iconic family bucket and turned it into suppertime theatre, by linking limited edition packaging with built-in mobile technology.
Role: Creative Director, Designer & Creative Technologist

KFC SoundBite

Digital audio tables inside KFC stores that turned an ordinary eating experience into an immersive digital sound experience to support and amplify local up and coming artists.
Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist

The SAB Spike Detector Coaster

In support of their ‘Drink Responsibly Initiative’, South African Breweries partnered to produce The Spike Detector, an innovative solution that turned a traditional bar coaster into a drink spike detection test.
Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist


For the launch of MINI's first ever 5 door model, we created a launch of galactic proportion & launched the first MINI into space.
Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist

MTV #LetsTalkColour

On the 21st of March, for 24 hours, we converted MTV's entire channel and social platforms into black and white. Every scheduled program was converted into black and white. Every ad was removed and replaced with bespoke interviews that featured young South Africans sharing their views on race and human rights. We created bespoke channel idents using song lyrics in different languages that highlight the need to look beyond race. And the conversation we enabled was integrated into a ticker-tape on the television broadcast.
Role: Art Director

Lucozade Give Me Strength

We created a whole new target audience – the everyday people. Lucozade then became about giving you energy to tackle exhausting everyday moments. Those “Give-me-strength” moments. We demonstrated how Lucozade energized people in everyday moments. Dozens of executions across different media spaces highlighted the Lucozade effect and how it helped people to get through their daily obstacles.
Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist


Using the JCWs brand positioning line, “For the boy in you”, we leveraged MINI’s racing heritage and combined it with an unusual technological twist. Embracing the nostalgic childhood game of Scalextrics, we got guys to sign up, race some MINI’s and share their experience in a new and innovative way.
Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist

SAGE Meet Your Accounting Software

A simple YouTube pre-roll campaign that got business owners to rethink their current accounting software.
Role: Creative Director

“I am passionate about creatively solving business problems. Over the past 7 years I have conceptualised and worked together with teams to create solutions for top local & international brands spanning in-store digital interactions, TTL campaigns, animation, mobile, online viral content & real world activations.”

Gregory King | Integrated Creative Director

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